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Philandering Fridays
You destroy my huose!!!

Yes, we were watching arfen house in chemistry a little while ago. Or at least I think thats what its from. YOU destroy MY house. And I've been saying it since for fun.

And in other news, Levi is doing lots of homework recently, in a more organized fasion than ev4r before. He is also going to play more warhammer becuase he isn't so sick of it anymore (and Liam has been taling to my about Warhammer strategy so much that I finally gave in and became interested), and hes going to try ot go to a Warhammer/DDR party this weekend, as well as Philandering in the city, and blogging in 3rd person OMG crazy. Speaking of blogging I'm doing most of my blogging as of late on LJ... maybe I should post both places... like right now...

I downloaded Fruity Loops Studio a while back and have been messing around. I've only been able to make one thing that sounds remotely good, and even that is an overstatement. I upoaded it onto my site so here it is. Kind of sounds like circus music =/. I 'm tha DEE-JAY! put hands in air, all you crazy danc4rs!

Omg cool things coming out soon like this.... not to mention Soul Calibur 2 and FFT Advance.

....and this... OMG. I'd tap that.

!IMPORTANT NOTICE! Okay can now be accessed through, for your convenience. Enjoy! yeah...
Levi ~ ~ 9/23/2003 07:14:59 PM


Levi ~ ~ 9/9/2003 12:18:18 PM

So it's been freaking forever...

It's been waaaay too long since I've updated this site with any regularity. I haven't had the time or means to put the necessary time and effort into it. Maybe when I get DSL (hopefully soon) it will be a different story, but for now I don't see myself being able to have a successfuly entertaining or even successfuly uninteresting website. There are two options for me... if I follow through with my ideals and start writing stuff like I want to (but am for the most part too lazy to) do, I will use this website to post all that stuff and maybe it will be cool. Other than that, I'll probably just get some blogging thingy (hopefully LiveJournal... if anyone has a code *hint hint*) and use that. Actually I will probably get one of those anyways.

So you of the evil persuasion are probably wondering what I have been DOING for a while. I can't really remember... Let me think. Okay, I spent a lot of time in school, since school started. Well, it's senior year, and it's okay... I guess. But I'm not getting the slacking off privilages I deserve!! I want to be able to do whatever the hell I want, when I want!! I mean, seriously! I'm a freaking senior! What the crap is with all this responsibility and everything?!?!? OMG IT SUCKS!!! I also don't look forward to College Crap (yes, its a title, not a comon noun) and other collegiate sutffs. I really don't like that there is teh oasis replica area with all the crappy oasis freshman (okay they arent ALL crappy) and some really bad hair. Also a large portion of our Senior calss is teh suck, and that makes being a senior difficult to enjoy.

So I've figured out one reason why our class (and a lot of the school) is teh suck. So normally, there are dorks in middle school. This happens everywhere. Historically, the dorks went into high school and became bigger nerds. Recently however, the dorks joined in alliance into new and respectable social groups, so as to protect themselves from potentialy mocking cliques. Among these groups were the Hackers, the Ravers, the Punk Rockers (basically oasis people, whether they actually be punk or not), and the Stoners. TL, sadly, is missing two of these groups, the Hackers, and the Ravers (if i am mistaken about this please inform me immediately so I can find out who these people are and see if they are cool). We are left with the dorks being forced to take one of three paths, depending on thier initial level of dorkiness, these being the two mentioned groups at Tl, or the choice of simply staying a nerd. These people have no choice but to continue thier middle school tendencies not wanting to desecrate thier mind (stoners) or hair (oasis-goers) for social status. Personally, I think the Hackers and Ravers missing from TL is a big problem. For one, I think it totally messes up the distribution among all the other social groups present, and secondly, those are the two coolest social groups I can think of. Maybe if Marin actually HAD raves like ANYWHERE maybe TL would have ravers. As for hackers who knows. My brother used to go to a lot of ravesso I'm going to see about him hooking me up with some of that shiz sometime this year. Maybe I'll learn how to hack too XD.... Anyways maybe there are these people but I have missed them due to my utter dislike of most people. If so where do they go for raves?!?... they are almost non-existentz0r. According to Momo... there are ravers at SR... see how much TL sucks?

I've been having a problem with dumb hair lately... I think you should ask Shane Curtin about dumb hair sometime soon. Yeah.>br>

So I've found that I don't identify with any social groups... they really really need a "cool people" social group. It's for people that don't suck hopelessly. Basically this way I don't have to sift through crappy social groups for cool people (which actually doesn't even work at all). Yeah.

So yeah the oasis... theres a bunch of crappy annoying people there, but there are some cool people there so its like a paradox. You can still have fun there, but theres that dealing with annoying people part. Wizzeak.

OMG I think I'm going to get a job at the arcade. To all you DDR lovers and mall rats! If I get a job at the arcade you will all see me a whole lot and stuff!!! I think I'm going to go do (whoah three simil4r words) homeworkz0rs. GOOD OF NIGHT
Levi ~ ~ 9/3/2003 08:18:51 PM

How's it going worms?

Heh, quote from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. I AM TEH AT MARINZ. Watch out yo the grand-daddy of pimpin' is back in Marin with a fat old grin (I could so be a rappa' omg). And I am damn tired. I want to blog all about everything that happened while I was away like ever, but that would take until, like, maybe, the sun rising, or something. So I'll give you the important highlights... in NOT in bullet format. w00t.

First, let me say that I'm using a new keyboard (I was using my mom's one before, but she took it back), and it is the CEO of SuckCo Inc. It, like, bigtime is too. You know... like, BIGTIME. Anyways, onto the impotent important stuff. On the drive down I pointed out which eighteen-wheeler drivers had mustaches and which didn't, because obviously the ones without mustaches aren't REAL truck drivers.. and if they are they're probably violating some sort of Union rules anyways. We stopped for the night near Six Flags Magic Mountain... so we could go there. And we did. My dad rammed the top of the truck into some sign thing at the place where you pay for parking cuz the moving truck thing was all tall. We went on some rides, but at the end of the night we went on this ride called X. We waited in line for like 3 hours, but then it was all worth it cuz it was by far the best roller coaster EV4RRRRRR. It 0wn3d your FACE like a lot. Then the next day we went to my dad's old house and packed the truk with a bunch of stuff. Then we went to his new place and unloaded. It sounds easy when you just SAY it, but his stuff was DAMN heavy. and there was a DAMN ot of it. It may have just been one of the SUCKIEST things I've ever done. I got really tired and sore and stuff and it sucked. Then the next day we unloaded what we had been too tired to do the night before. Then I played Phantasy Star 3 on the GBA for a few hours. Ten I ate and went to sleep at like 7. It was damn hot down there. The next day I just played a lot of Metroid Prime ( I brought my GameCube) and it was cool. But I was still sore and tired and it was still hot so it still kind of sucked. Then Friday I went to work with Dad and he got a call on his cell phone on the way in and I asked him "Who was that?" and he said "That was my co-worker... she's cute..." And I just laughed a bunch. Then we went and he went to some meeting and I just sat at his computer and messed around on the internet. I was in a cubicle. I felt like Dilbert. It was cool. Then he came back and him and his co-worker were all talking about some salesguy gaying them with some licensing thing. Then they were talking about sueing the guy and then they talked about sueing and how people don't just sue for random crap in Canada (she was a true Canadian). Then someone mentioned how things like Judge Judy and that crap don't help the whole thing. Then she was like "Judge Judy is so gay." XDXDXD OMG MOST AWSOME THIGN EV4R a woman actually said gay OMGOMGOMG XDXD me and Dad laughed our posteriors off XD. It was the best thing since sliced bread omg. Then Dad had more meetings and stuff to go to so he dropped me off at this arcade and gave me a $20 bill for tokens. For $20 I got 104 tokens WTFFF. Thats SOOOO MANY. OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It was like just sooo many I didnt know what to do with myself. Better yet... they had 5th Mix and Extreme. And DanceFreaks. And two Beatmania machines. And Purcussion Freaks. I was in HEAVEN. They say heaven is a '59 metallic grey... but they are sooo wrong cuz that was heaven. I played a very very large amount of Beatmania. Actually aside from like 10 rounds of DDR and a few games of Dragon's Lair 2 all I played was Beatmania. It's teh AWSEAME GAEM! I almost beat 20, November and I 0wn3d Metal Gear Solid sooo many timed omg it was fun. And there was this song called Hellscape or Hellscrape or something and it ruled sooo much but it was hard and I couldn't beat it. Then we went to go drive home and the whole way we kept saying how things were "so gay" like my Dads co-worker did. It was uber-funnnyz/. The sun was being so gay. It was like the mayor of Gayopolis. So now no one can ever get mad at anyone else for saying gay because a woman said it. Then I was like OMG theer is still sooo much distance between me and San Rafael omg this sucks. Then I had to pee. Then it was all dark and things started to sucks. I kept falling asleep but it sucked cuz Mustangs arent comfortable at all. Then We stopped at a rest stop place and my dad shut the car of fand put the car alarm on and went to sleep. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. And the windows were only open a crack. I was going crazy and I needed air. So I opened the door for air and the car alarm went off. Then my dad woke up, turned it off, and opened the windows some more. But it still wasn't enough. I sat there all wanting air and suffering and stuff and the car alarm was still on adn my dad was still asleep. It sucked a lot. So I wait for like an hour in the hot oxygenless car and finally my dad wakes up. Then he goes to the bathroom and leaves the car alarm on again. I also need to use the bathrrom, but cant leave the car cuz the alarm is on. And I'm still suffocating. GAY. So he finally comes back and then I go use the bathrrom then we get back on the highway. Now the windows are completely open. Then we stop for gas and my dad gets a Frappachinno (or howevr the hell its spelled) and a Rockstar, to keep him awake. Then we somehow finally got home and here I am. I MISS BETTY WAAAH! Okay... breathe... it's going to be okay...

Im damn tired now so Im going to sleep til like 5 in the afternoon or something. Its five in the morning now. Okay goodnight. Be excellent to each other.
Levi ~ ~ 8/9/2003 04:23:41 AM


I'm donez0r!!
Levi ~ ~ 7/31/2003 02:06:37 AM


YAy now its tuesday and I get to see zombieeeeeeees and see my favorite person Bettyyyyyyyyyy yyyyaaaaaayyyyy w00t
Levi ~ ~ 7/29/2003 10:36:13 AM


Okay, people who rob stuff suck. It's like "Hey guy who tired to rob the Regency... yeah, you.... you suck! Like a whole lot! I mean, dude, you suck a lot!" Like that. I want to see zombieeeeees. With Bettyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Levi ~ ~ 7/28/2003 12:18:43 PM


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